Thoughts on First (Brain on Second)

There are times when first is best in line
(Inheritance of riches comes to mind)
Or first to table when rations are short
And when playing certain games of sport

First born causes celebrations
Second enters with less elations
Or gifts – but who’s counting
Or noticing insecurity mounting?

Second has advantage to it
(Like when you’d really prefer not to do it)
Or when shy or meek
Or when testing depth of creek

Third is fine when counting scoops
Of ice cream or in lines of troops
Or for those whose arm is strong
And as the D.H. don’t belong

Fourth’s okay if in July
(For anything else, I’m not sure why)
Except in music if diminished
Or the other three you’ve finished

Fifth is easiest to plead
When truth will go against your need
Or fine in beverage of a sort
And you desire to take a snort

Sixth was fifth (the previous verse)
To add another would be worse
As poet I am second-rate
To the one in a million who is my mate

One thought on “Thoughts on First (Brain on Second)

  1. Very clever, though there is a joke or two here that I can’t quite puzzle out. An excellent gift for a man who has just about everything, including you.

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