The Best Day

My friend Raymond was “babysitting” 7 year-old Brodie.

Brodie wanted to go to a video arcade, and he asked Raymond if he knew how to play a certain video game, so they drove to it. En route, Raymond told Brodie that they should go to Tupper Lake because there they could maybe find a new grandma. (Ray’s wife of many years died about 8 years ago.) He told Brodie that all the women in Tupper Lake have chainsaws and skidders, and so if they went there and found a new grandma, they wouldn’t have to cut wood anymore. The story kept getting bigger and bigger until Brodie finally asked, “Is that true, Grampa?” Ray confessed that no, it wasn’t quite true. Brodie asked very seriously, “Grampa, how can I know when you’re telling me the truth??” They spent half an hour in the arcade and then headed home.

“Grampa, what was the BEST day of your life?”

“That was the day I met your Gramma. What was the best day of your life, Brodie?”

“Today, Grampa.”


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